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Weekly in the Word

by Justin LaCount

This week we will look at John 10:9—Here Jesus says: “I am the door” In John 10, Jesus says clearly, so that all can understand, I am, was and always will be the door.  But, what is he the door to? So many people today say that there are many “ways” to God.  They would say […]

Sunday Service Video!

by Justin LaCount

Want a quick overview of a what a Sunday Service looks like?  Well in the slider on the homepage (or click this link to watch it via Youtube) you’ll find another new video, a message Pastor Pete brought in 2014.  Enjoy my friends and countrymen… – Steve

Church Build Video Now Available!

by Justin LaCount

Look on the homepage and you’ll notice a new addition!  A short “church history” video, showing Whitworth Baptist as it went from a small building, to the shining little church it is now (both physically and spiritually).  Hope you enjoy it! – Steve

“Following The Lamb” book update!

by Justin LaCount

Pastor Pete’s new book, “Following The Lamb” is now available online at: Instead of purchasing this book (which we still encourage you to do, available at the church), download the .pdf version for FREE from Pete’s website. And remember Sunday mornings Pete is teaching through his new book during the Sunday School hour each […]